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A Centrist’s Point of View

I have friends who are liberal and friends who are conservative, and while both consider the people on the opposite spectrum to be completely wrong, they also have a problem with centrists. The conservatives tell me that moderates encourage or at least enable the liberals in their agenda to move the country leftward toward socialism, while the liberals tell me that centrists want to keep the status quo and not make the changes necessary to a vibrant society. Some accuse ...
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A Question for America

I have a question for America, which I need to answer as well. Why can’t we compromise anymore? At some point in the last two decades we determined that compromise was tantamount to surrender. Our side had to win at all costs. Anything else was bitter defeat. Partly that viewpoint has been driven by gerrymandering in our political districts, which has made compromise unnecessary in the legislature. Many politicians have been defeated by challengers from the extreme elements in their ...
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The Power of Placebos

Let’s talk about placebos – fake medical treatments that are used to analyze the efficacy of real treatments. But the interesting thing about placebos is that even though they aren’t real medical treatments, they can have a real effect on patients who receive them. Sometimes the effect is negative, but often it’s positive. For example, people taking a placebo might experience the side effects that generally come with a particular medication. On the other hand, they might begin to feel ...
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The World Demands Hypocrisy

We are all hypocrites. That should come as no surprise to most of you. We all decry liars even as we all lie. We all demand perfection from others even as we fail to achieve it ourselves. But hypocrisy is inherent in our nature. We are genetically wired for it and we’ll never be able to eliminate it from our society. Why? Because it actually works in most cases to advance our positions, to keep us in power or help ...
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