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Superficial Knowledge

When we learn things, we generally acquire a superficial level of knowledge about them. For example, we learn that leaves turn color in the fall, and perhaps we understand that that’s because they stop their food-making process. The chlorophyll breaks down and since chlorophyll is what makes leaves look green, the leaves now take on a yellow, orange or red hue. But how many of us truly understand what’s happening – how the chemical reactions inside the plants actually work, ...
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I’ve been stalking nostalgia for a while now, back through the recesses of my mind, where it likes to lounge in a pleather recliner, reliving good times, meaningful events, old friends, and wiping away the occasional onslaught of tears, pretending they’re nothing more than ragweed allergies. By nostalgia, I’m referring to a sentimental longing or yearning for a place or period from my past – one with happy memories or personal associations. It doesn’t need to be exclusively happy, but ...
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Goodbye to a Piece of the Past

I used to have a landline. Pretty much everyone I knew had one too. Then cell phones became more ubiquitous and they gradually took over the industry. But I kept my landline for a variety of reasons. First, I’d had it for 40 years. It felt comfortable, and it was an easy number to remember. When my parents were at the end stages of their lives, it was a number they still could recall, even though they’d forgotten most of ...
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The Free Will Problem

The Free Will Problem Whenever I bring up the problem of evil in the world, believers talk to me about free will. That’s why there’s evil. God gave us free will and some people choose to act maliciously. That’s not God’s fault. And if God forced us to act with kindness, we wouldn’t really be good because we wouldn’t have the option of acting any other way. We would just be drones. Got it. However, why should a few madmen ...
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