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Why We Stereotype & Why It Matters

The world is complicated – that’s hardly news. But it’s important to recognize that fact because our brains don’t like a complicated world. They want a world that makes sense, a world that follows patterns we’re capable of understanding. This is why we discriminate and stereotype and generalize all the time. We witness a new thing and immediately wonder if that thing is common or rare. If it’s common, we can sort of forget about it, tuck it away in ...
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Understanding and Controlling Desire

We all know that desire is the longing for a person, thing or state of mind – and most of us call it an emotion, although psychologists tend to differentiate it from emotion, asserting that it arises from bodily structures or functions. However, we don’t need to get into technicalities in definitional terms to understand desire and what it does. It is a driver, a prod to action. The philosopher Thomas Hobbes asserted that it was the fundamental motivator of ...
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We Fritter Away Our Chances

Being out of work for a couple months (or possibly longer – not sure when I’ll be going back) is a strange experience for me. I always knew my job as a writer wasn’t essential, however valuable it is. Sure, I can entertain and enlighten readers, but I’m not putting bread on their tables. I’m not manufacturing medicines or delivering necessities or assisting with healthcare. I get it. I’m not essential. And I’m okay with that. But it’s weird to ...
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Defeating the Virus

We tend not to believe things we don’t want to believe. For example, most of us believe that when this first wave of the novel coronavirus passes, we’ll be through the worst of it. Of course, we don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what most of us want to believe. Yes, many doctors say there’ll be a second wave in the fall that could be worse, but they’re basing their predictions on past outbreaks of the flu, which is ...
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