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Defeating the Virus

We tend not to believe things we don’t want to believe. For example, most of us believe that when this first wave of the novel coronavirus passes, we’ll be through the worst of it. Of course, we don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what most of us want to believe. Yes, many doctors say there’ll be a second wave in the fall that could be worse, but they’re basing their predictions on past outbreaks of the flu, which is ...
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Returning to Normal?

People talk about wanting to get back to normal but going about business as normal is part of what got us to this point. We delayed the proper response in order to keep our economy going normally and now we’re paying the price. Already we’re getting pressure from our government to get back to normal, to prevent the cure from being worse than the disease, to get money flowing back to the wealthy as soon as we can so that ...
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How to Achieve Lasting Happiness

Getting married, having children, landing a better job: contrary to popular belief, these don’t guarantee happiness. They can produce a temporary high, but over the course of years, they don’t tend to produce happier people. Happiness, however, can be learned. Studies have shown that there are multiple ways to make ourselves happier. Most of them are quite simple, which isn’t surprising when you consider how many people go about their lives with happiness in their hearts. They don’t seem to ...
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The Future of Medicine

Good news – medicine is making tremendous progress. We still have a few problems, of course. The Covid-19 pandemic is currently creating havoc around the world. Although we can’t know exactly when it will pass, it will eventually pass. In the meantime, we have to be smart – practice social distancing, self-isolate if we suspect we might have the disease, wash our hands and clothing more often. At some point we’ll beat it. Then we’ll be able to focus on ...
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