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Why do Our Leaders Ignore the Constitution?

In the preamble it is written that “We the People” establish the Constitution to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to “ourselves and our Posterity.” Pretty words. And yet we fail to heed them. One of the most important concerns of the Founding Fathers was the elimination of corruption in government. Does anyone believe our politicians are not corrupt? Sure, a few of them live up ...
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Should Everyone Have an Equal Voice?

Do we all deserve to be listened to equally? Or do some of us deserve more heft? In a perfect world, where everyone gave equal thought to every issue, where worries about universal health care took up the same amount of mental space in each person’s mind, where concerns about despoiling the planet consumed as much gray matter in all the planet’s citizens to the exact same level, the answer would clearly be yes. However, the world we inhabit is ...
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Are Habits Good or Bad?

We are encouraged at an early age to develop good habits. We are also creatures of habit. So I’ve been thinking about habits lately. Is it actually a good thing to cultivate habits or should we try to break free of them? Obviously, if we’ve developed good habits, we should continue to engage in that kind of behavior, and certain habits are easily classified as good or bad. Smoking, for example, is a bad habit. I think even smokers would ...
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Can We Change?

Are we capable of change? We like to think we are. We seek growth and personal fulfillment as we adapt to new circumstances, work towards New Year’s resolutions, promise to do better next time, vow not to repeat the mistakes of the past, commit to forward progress and disdain stagnation. Yet it seems that every year, we’re in pretty much the same place we started, going through the same motions with the same people in the same jobs and entertaining ...
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